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IMAC PRP for Neuropathy

Treating Neuropathy: Why Medications Aren’t The Solution Did you miss our first post in this blog series about neuropathy? If so, read it here. Today, we'll review two types of drugs that are commonly used to treat neuropathy, and IMAC solution for neuropathy that...

Dr. Rachel Rome: Nashville’s Leading Doctor for Women’s Back Pain

After childbirth, my back hasn’t been the same. Is there hope for me?  Every woman’s body reacts differently to the effects of pregnancy and childbirth. Like mountain climbing or scuba diving, it's hard to know how your body will cope until you...

DOCTOR’S NOTES: Healthy Foods for Immunity

In the last IMAC Doctor's Notes blog, our board certified clinical nutritionist Dr. Jason Hui reviewed pro-inflammatory foods like processed foods with added sugars. In this blog, we'll explore foods to eat that can actually boost your immunity and help your body ward...

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